How It Works


Your Loan Comes With

Your loan comes with

  • A variable interest rate of just 6.69% p.a.
  • A credit limit of up to $10,000
  • Advice to help you maximise salary packaging

You Don’t Need To Worry About

You don’t need to worry about

  • Repaying your loan until September 30th of your internship year
  • Any fees, charges or hidden expenses
  • Having a current income
  • Getting someone to guarantee the loan


You Can Use Your Loan To

You can use your loan to

  • Travel overseas
  • Fund an elective
  • Pay your living expenses
  • Buy a new laptop, bike or car
  • Stress less while studying
  • Fund your dreams


You Can Apply If

You can apply if

  • You are enrolled in the final or penultimate year of your Australian medical degree
  • You are an Australian citizen